Engagements and intimate sessions

Couples photoshoots

Ah, the wildly in love! Whether you're more playful than PDA, I would love to hear about your love story. There's a fierceness that I love watching in a person's eyes when they talk about their partner, an emotion behind every moment shared together. If you love hiking trails together or taking a picnic on the side of a dirt road in the back of your truck, let me be your third wheel to see your story unfold. Show me the silly way you throw candy at each other to catch (no hands!) or surprise him as you watch the sunset by asking him to be yours forever. Laugh together, cry together, love together.

I travel from Woodstock to anywhere in the surrounding areas in Oxford County in my session fees, so consider taking your session in-home! I know being in public can make some couples feel uncomfortable, especially when showing their love, affection, and vulnerability (and you already have an audience of one, hi!). When you allow me in your home, I get to see your favourite spots to cuddle together, the counter where you make coffee together before talking in the morning, the room where she serenades you while playing guitar. The way couples relax and are authentic in their relationship at home is a whole next level experience that I would love to capture for you!

An intimate moment between a couple during their in-home session.
Couples and engagement photographer in wOODSTOCK, Ontario