Woman smiling, linking arms with husband; teenage son on her other side with his arm around her in Roth Park, Woodstock

Give your family a break and connect.

Your family is busy, I get it. Work, sports, appointments, volunteering, chauffeuring - you barely have time to breathe. And some days, breathing is all you can do to keep your sanity.

But stop! Look at your kids.

They're growing, mama. That little baby who could barely stumble two feet from you to your partner is now running way, way faster than you can keep up. Those squishy little arms that gave you their first hug are so much stronger now. Your toddler is feisty as ever, but it’s not long now before school starts.

Slow things down. Connect together. No phones. No TV. No devices. Plan a family photoshoot around something you all enjoy together.

Just you, your family, and the memories you’ll have.

Mother and daughter laughing with faces together in Cowan Fields, Woodstock

I could cry. You pictured our love and bond and silliness perfectly.


authentic Family photos

It's the little moments we want to remember; the ones between the chaos.

Pull up the first picture on your phone and tell me about it. Why do you have it? What made you want to keep it? Why does it mean so much to you? Maybe it's one picture out of a hundred your toddler took in the 3 seconds they figured out how to work the camera app (and no, this wasn't the first time). You love it because, even though the picture's mostly the ceiling, you can see the corner of his eye. That tiny toddler eye squinting slightly because he's laughing. And looking at it, you can't help but smile. You know it won't be long before he's hiding from the camera and you're begging for just one picture. That eye is going to grow. His face is going to change. And pretty soon, you won't get these little, true moments of happiness.

Young boy in red sweater looking towards camera, standing in a field
Family photoshoot Prices

Special Edition

from: $325

5 adults and 3 children tickling each other in front of two Highland cows

This is the one for your whole family: kids, parents, grandparents, and uncle bob. An hour and a half to spend with up to 10 family members, laughing and loving! Add more people a la carte, if needed!



Mom and dad holding up children in a field at sunset, pointing to something in the distance

The perfect balance for immediate families who just want to enjoy some time together! Available any time of day and year.



3 boys racing towards their parents in a field

Sometimes you just take what you can get! These short half hour sessions are perfect for really busy families or children with short attention spans. Available in Woodstock only.


When should I book?

ASAP! :D I currently only book on weekends, meaning I can only book 6-8 sessions a month MAX! A lot of my families wait until fall to get pictures taken and I totally get it! Fall is my favourite season for a reason - it's beautiful! That does mean my calendar gets filled super quick once the end of August hits (sometimes sooner), so if you have a date in mind, let's chat! I promise the other seasons can be just as beautiful!

How many pictures will we receive?

You receive a private gallery via email of ALL the best images from your session! I want to tell your full story, not just bits and pieces.

How should we dress for our family session?

I send out a style guide with all my sessions, so you don't have to stress! I always suggest choosing something comfortable that fits and looks good! These pictures are about you, so they should reflect how you dress.

What’s the best time to have a session?

It's totally up to you! Golden hour (an hour after sunrise or before sunset) is a photographer favourite because you get creamy golden hues, soft light, and the world feels a bit more magical. I totally understand that can be hard for some families (especially in the summer), so I offer sessions at any time of day!

Do you offer at home photoshoots?

I do! I love being invited to your home to hang out and see more of your story! These tend to be more popular during the winter, but I've also done a few in the summer and it's been so magical getting to be all over the house, including the backyard! I also offer lifestyle sessions in studio, but charge an additional fee to book the space.

Will we get a traditional portrait of our family?

Absolutely! While most of your session will be lifestyle, I do stop and have everyone do some traditional "all eyes on me" shots.

Can I bring extra family members?

I limit the shorter sessions to immediate family only to make sure we're not rushing and getting cranky pictures of everyone. I try my best to get group and single shots of everyone, so the more people there are, the more stressed out everyone gets. Extra family members can absolutely be added to the Special Edition package, though! I do encourage booking extra time over 15 people.

Can we bring family pets to our session?

Please! I love animals and believe every family member should be part of your session, even furry ones! They tend to bring out the best in everyone and help even the shyest family members feel comfortable.

What happens if the weather is bad?

I sit on pins and needles all week long praying to the weather gods XD! I do watch the weather like a hawk and if there is a 60% or higher chance of a storm, I'll reach out to discuss rescheduling or trying indoors. I reschedule if there's heavy rain, a snowstorm, extreme winds, or the weather is colder than -10 with the windchill (no one needs to freeze).