"What's the Best advice you can give a family to prepare for a photoshoot?"

Prepare your family to have fun! You know I'm all about encouraging connection and genuine moments, so let your kids be kids and let dad tell silly jokes. Lower your stress by encouraging everyone to be themselves and ask for suggestions on what they want to do. By allowing your family to choose how things are run, they’re more likely to enjoy themselves, be happy, and want to do the shoot! Don't believe me?

Young girls sitting on a log laughing as their dad tickles them - Silver Trail, Woodstock
Young boy using pointer finger to feel stem of a weed during a family photoshoot, Woodstock.
Little boy leaning forward to smell a sunflower that his mom is holding, while keeping an arm around her neck.
Black and white: two toddlers crouch on a sandy shore, picking rocks to skip.

I teamed up with some amazing photographers across North America to answer the question and here's what they had to say:



“If there’s any advice I can give is to prepare clothing as much in advance as possible - communicate with your family as to what you’d like them to wear prior to the session as well. Family members may have a different point of view on clothing options so it’s great to have plenty of time to get a different outfit if needed for a wonderful photoshoot. That being said, I love getting ideas off pinterest for colours and the latest styles. Stores like Zara and H&M are the usual go-tos for nice trendy outfits but every now and then I find real gems at Marshalls and boutique stores.”

Alesha Howell – Las Vegas Family & Maternity Lifestyle Photographer

Alesha Howell Photography

"My #1 rule for family photos: Kids can’t get in trouble. Hear me out: it’s one of the very few times they can be fully themselves. My goal is to capture silly smiles, curious eyes, and belly laughs. It’s ok for them to interpret prompts their own way, I promise! On the flip side, little ones maybe shy and need to warm up a bit. After all, there’s no better place than in mom’s arms. Best believe I’ll capture all the cuddles. Documenting the personality of your family as a whole makes my heart SING. Nothing compares to authenticity."

Giselle Salazar Photography – Family Photographer, Austin and Central Texas

Giselle Salazar Photography

“Take that as an opportunity to bond with the family and make it fun. My recommendations will vary depending on the style of your family session. For studio sessions: Usually clients that book us for studio sessions are looking for a more structured and posed photography session experience. We offer a style consultation for each session and give our clients ideas on what to wear and plan colors, backgrounds and props depending on their color and style preferences. For families with young kids, we usually book their session around their nap schedules and pick hours where kids are happier, that way then can be more cooperative for their session. For older kids, bribery usually does the trick! Promising the kids a toy or ice cream after their session is a great motivator and kids look forward to it. For Outdoor sessions: Outdoor sessions are usually around sunset, so scheduling according to baby’s nap schedule can be challenging. Our recommendation is to play around with the kids’ schedule where they can take a nap before the photo shoot or take advantage of the kids being tired and take some beautiful candid photos of the kids snuggling with mom and dad.”

Ben Martinez – Family Photographer, Austin, TX

Ben Martinez Photography

Get out of your head and enjoy the photo shoot! Yes, a photo shoot can feel awkward and strange, especially if you don’t normally feel comfortable in front of a camera. But remember that you have hired a professional and you are doing this photo shoot to commemorate a special time in your life. Take a deep breath and don’t get too nervous about the process. Your photographer will help guide you and capture you in the best light possible. Enjoy the photo shoot!”