Newborn swaddled in grey wrap, lying on side on shaggy grey carpet

To the little ones who steal your heart.

Life can be absolute chaos when your newborn first arrives. You're trying to learn brand new things like, "awake windows" and how much he or she should be eating - and let's not start with the rainbow of poop colours!

In the little moments in the middle of the night, when it's just you and your baby bonding, exhaustion creeping up on you, you can't help but smile. Her little hand keeps reaching for yours, those adorable little fingers wrapping around tightly. She stops feeding and opens her eyes just a crack, her bright blue eyes staring into yours.

While you can't stop your newborn from growing, you can capture this time together and savour every moment. Book a newborn photoshoot today.

Black and white: Close-up of baby's hand and foot peeking out from clothes as he rests on mom

Thank you so much they are beautiful!


Newborn PHOTOGRAPHER in Woodstock, OnTario

Babies have this way of making you feel totally lost and completely found.

One of my favourite things to ask new parents is what they are excited for and what they're scared about with their newest little one. Everyone has such unique answers! It doesn't really hit you until you see that little tuft of hair and hear that first cry - this is real. You are now someone else's whole world! Embrace every moment. Enjoy those little coos when your baby recognizes your voice. Hold him or her tight against you, that warm little body snuggling into your arms. And yes, it's okay to cry when nothing seems to calm your little one. You're in this together.

Find yourself in this precious chapter of your life. Celebrate the joy, innocence, and beauty of your newest family member with a newborn session. When you look back, you'll feel the overwhelming love that filled the room.

Newborn, in crocheted Santa hat and red swaddle, receives butterfly kisses from mom in front of a pine tree
Affordable Newborn Photography Prices

Special Edition


Newborn resting on parents' laps, viewed from behind

I highly recommend this package if you want to have a session that's relaxed and captures every inch of your newborn! This the perfect option for multiple outfits and extended family can join.



Young boy kisses his older brother's head, while the older brother holds and kisses his new sister

This package is great for new parents who don't want to commit to a 90 minute session, but still want detailed images and the full story. Immediate family members are welcome!



New mom smiles, holding baby close and looking into her eyes

Less is more! These sessions absolutely fly by, so I recommend this package only if you are looking for newborn portraits with a few close ups on the baby's details or family portraits with your newborn. Available in Woodstock only.

Newborn Hospital Photos

The first few hours after your baby enters your family's world is a whirlwind of emotions and love! Take advantage of this short time period with a Fresh 48 newborn photography session. While having perfect, cleaned up newborn photos are adorable, the time you spend bonding in the hospital with your baby is just as important to document! There's no need to worry about matching outfits or cleaning up the clutter of snacks in the corner (you need all the strength you can after giving birth); let me photograph you in the moment. From the first snuggles to meeting siblings, baby enjoying skin-to-skin with your partner while you relax, the tiny lanugo hair and vernix before it's washed away, and the little hospital details you won't have another chance at.


Do you offer posed and wrapped newborn sessions? E.g. the "Froggy"

No. Your newborn's safety is the most important thing, so I offer swaddled portraits on a flat surface or in the parent's arms. Even though I have 2 children of my own and have had the pleasure of holding numerous newborns, I haven't gone through safety training for typical newborn photography. Most of the images you see are also composites, meaning there are multiple pictures taken in that pose and then put together to remove the hands holding the baby safely.

When should I book?

Please reach out during your second trimester so I can block some dates off around when your baby is due! I try to be as accommodating as possible with last minute requests, but I can't guarantee I'll have availability.

What happens if my baby needs to feed or be changed?

I offer an extra half hour of time to all of my newborn packages without fee for any breaks mom or baby might need! We follow your baby's cues to make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

Can siblings, parents, and family pets be involved?

Absolutely! I highly encourage all family members to be an active part of your newborn session. This can be a great bonding experience for older siblings and makes for the sweetest memories! If you would like to include extended family, please make sure you book the Extended Edition.

What happens if my baby is fussy or won't cooperate?

Babies are unpredictable and just trying to adjust to this new world they've entered. The great thing about lifestyle newborn sessions is there's no pressure for your little one to be asleep or to pose a certain way. We adapt to your baby's needs and capture wonderfully authentic moments.

What’s the best time to have a session?

Most newborn sessions are booked in-home or studio (for an additional cost). I recommend booking when the rooms you want to use get the most light (morning for East facing windows, afternoon for West). Outdoor sessions should be discussed to make sure the weather is safe for your little one.

Do you offer discounts for multiples sessions?

I do! I feel so honoured when a family decides they want me to cover different milestones and sessions! Please reach out so we can make a plan.

When can I expect the final images?

You can expect a few preview images within a week of your session. The final gallery will be ready to view and download within 3-4 weeks of your session.