You are beauty and strength. Let these photos be your mirror.

Maternity and motherhood photography in Woodstock, Ontario

Pregnancy can bring up so many strong emotions (and it's not always just the extra hormones). Your body changes in ways that are incredible and sometimes scary, your mind seems to wander, and your energy levels have tanked. You might not want to do a maternity photoshoot when you don't feel like yourself. But you don't get to see the power, the glow, the growth you're going through while you grow this tiny person! You are a mother; the fiercest kind of woman.

A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's

Princess Diana

There is nothing harder than being a mom

A bold statement, I know. But think about it; your baby needs you from the moment they're conceived. You are their nourishment, their safe space, their entire world. And even as they grow, you will always be their mom. They will always love you, trust you, and need you. Being there for your child is a huge responsibility - but you're doing it.

Having a motherhood session done - whether it's on your pregnancy journey, breastfeeding your baby, chasing after your little ones, or hanging out with your fully grown kids - is powerful. It's just a short snapshot of everything you are and everything you do. And I know it can be hard to invest in a photographer for yourself when you're caring for everyone else. But allow yourself to take a step back and see just how majestic you truly are. After all, you deserve to be in the frame, too.

Woman breastfeeding in a wildflower field.
Maternity and Motherhood Pricing

Special Edition


Mother holds young child, older daughter tugs on the child's shoe.

Take some time to breathe, love on your babies, and enjoy being a mama. 90 of the best minutes and all the pictures you could want (for at least one year).



Woman laughs in sunflower field, cradling pregnant belly

An hour of cuddle piles, sloppy kisses, and feeling beautiful! Perfect for maternity sessions with multiple outfits or siblings, or documenting motherhood.



Toddler's hand plays in mom's hair during breastfeeding session.

A little snippet of your busy life as a mom, when you just want to have some photos of yourself. Perfect for maternity or breastfeeding sessions. Available in Woodstock only.