When you feel a spark that sets your world on fire.

Engagement and wedding photographer in Woodstock, Ontario

Soulmate, other half, spouse, partner - there are so many ways to describe your person. You know, that one person who gets your stupid jokes and obscure references, who makes you smile, and supports you? Maybe you've been together a short time or what feels like a lifetime. You just know you're meant for each other.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Finding those intimate moments of connection

Let's be real, not all couples are about PDA! Maybe you and your partner have a mental connection and just put each other at ease being in the same space. Or your love is sparked by doing the dishes for each other. Everyone loves and feels loved in a different way, which is why your session will always look completely different from someone else's! You deserve to have a photographer who can make you feel that passion for each other through your pictures - your quirks and laughter, included. Let's plan a couple's or engagement session around you!

Woman in red dress sitting on beach, leaning against fiancé, arm on his leg
Pricing for engagement sessions & couple's photoshoot
Woman kissing fiancé, Highland cow chewing hay in foreground

Special Edition


Let's go on an adventure! Spend an hour and a half with the one you love and I'll capture all the things that make your relationship spark.

Legs entwined: black and white photo of a couple



An hour long session to connect doing something you love! Enjoy a walk downtown, try a new recipe, or watch the ducks on a dock together. Includes your full gallery of images.

Couple sharing a laugh, looking at each other



Perfect for a short engagement session or proposal, the chapter is half an hour long. Available in Woodstock only.

First comes love

Then comes marriage!

And now it's stuck in your head!! XP Life doesn't usually go exactly like the song you teased your friends with in school (unless I'm super old and that isn't even a thing anymore). You might've fallen in and out of love over the years, travelled, had children, adopted an animal or two, gone through school, career changes - but here you finally are, ready to commit to the one you love.

Picking the perfect photographer for your wedding day is one of the hardest and most important decisions to make! You can have a meal that isn't the best or a weird DJ and still have a great time - and laugh about it afterwards. But other than the photos your guests take, these are the only memories you'll have from your wedding day to keep looking back on. (And I can promise you from experience, your day will go so fast, you won't remember half of it.) These are the wedding pictures you hope to have framed on the walls of your house and on your fridge, shared with friends and family, and might be the last you have with important people in your life.

Black and white reflection of bride, groom, and groomsmen during wedding ceremony at Carnegie Hall, Ingersoll
Flower girl adjusting mom's, the maid of honour, bracelet

Booking a wedding or elopement?

I am very, very selective about offering my services as a wedding photographer because I want to be that perfect match. I want you to feel completely confident and comfortable throughout the entire process, and that means making sure we vibe and are on the same page with your expectations. Sooooo ...

We are going to talk. A lot. Venue, timeline, shot list, ceremony, your bridal party - I

need to know all the things to make this go smoothly. Depending on how far out you book, you can expect at least one call or in person meeting, and an email or message at least once a week.

Every wedding and elopement package includes a complimentary 30 minute engagement session. Why? To make you and your partner feel comfortable with me being all up in your space before you get married! You'll get a feel for how I work, we get to hang out in a non-stress situation, and you get some b-e-a-u-tiful photos to gush over together. Even if you've worked with me before, I always recommend doing this session, but if you've already had engagement photos done before finding me, we can talk about doing something different like a trash the dress session. I don't offer a discount on your package if you decide you don't want or need to use the engagement session.

Surprised boy in grey suit reacts to seeing bride (not pictured)

Wedding and elopement packages

Close-up of groom and groomsmen showcasing fall coloured boutonnieres in line, Carnegie Hall Ingersoll

Wedding (6 hour)


From wedding prep to first dance, this package includes up to 2 locations, 6 hours of continuous coverage, your full gallery delivered via USB and online gallery, a half hour engagement session, and 10 prints!

Couple kissing after marriage ceremony, Creekside Wedding Ceremony Venue

Wedding (4 hour)


Ready for your wedding?! Includes 4 hours of coverage, one location, full gallery delivered on USB and via email, and a half hour engagement session.

Bride and groom at outdoor gazebo, surrounded by friends and family, facing officiant, Southside Park, Woodstock



Thinking of having a small ceremony surrounded by only the closest of friends and family? This package covers up to 3 hours of your day and 25 guests, as well as a half hour engagement session.


How much of the total is due when booking?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer to book any wedding or elopement package. The remaining 50% is split into two payments: 25% is due a week before your wedding date and the remaining 25% is due on the day of your marriage.

Can we split the time we book?

No. Each package includes continuous coverage for 3-6 hours, depending on which you decide is best, to make sure nothing is missed. I dedicate that time completely to you and your partner; I don't take on any other clients on your wedding day and don't leave until your coverage is over.

Do you have a second shooter?

Generally, no. I typically only take on smaller weddings that I can handle alone to make sure I have a strong bond with my couple and capture what's important to you. If you really want a second photographer to capture every moment, I can absolutely reach out for an additional cost.

What can I expect in my gallery?

I love capturing every moment of your day; candids of guests and your wedding party, tiny details, and traditional portraits. The raw lifestyle moments in between are my absolute favourite part of any wedding day, so if you decide to skip the traditional portraits, we'll still get genuine moments with the ones you love,

How long will it take to get my gallery back?

Most weddings are typically delivered within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date.

Do you have a venue preference?

Outdoor venues are everything! I do shoot indoor weddings and elopements, but you'll often find me hugging the light of the windows.

Can we create a shot list or share ideas for our wedding?

Absolutely! I love knowing what inspires you and how you envision your day. I do everything I can to make sure we get everyone on your list, but I can't guarantee cooperation or outside factors. I'm also very realistic and will let you know if something is possible within your timeline.

Do you travel?

Travel within 50 km of Woodstock, Ontario is included in each wedding and elopement package. If your venue is outside that bubble, please reach out!

Have you worked at (venue)?

I've covered weddings at Carnegie Hall in Ingersoll, Creekside Wedding Ceremony Venue in Embro, and Southside Park in Woodstock. I love visiting a venue with my couple before their wedding date, if possible, to see their plans and layout. Otherwise, I show up 15-20 minutes early on the day of your ceremony and will quickly do a tour. This also allows me to see the lighting and if I need to change locations for portraits (especially if the venue is outdoors).


Can we book longer than 6 hours?

I've decided to only do weddings and elopements 6 hours or less to make sure I still have time to spend with my own family. As much as I love my clients and celebrating one of the happiest days of your life, 8-12 hour weddings aren't worth the time I miss with my babies at this point in my life.