Getting married is a huge deal. Whether you're doing a small elopement at a river bend or a giant wedding with 500 people; it is a one take, no regrets event. And honestly, weddings can be intimidating! Before taking on any wedding or elopements, I have a very extensive discussion with my inquiring couples because I want to make sure I'm the right fit. I want to have a deep connection with you - to be your friend and cheerleader - so I know what moments are going to mean the most to you, and what details you're going to really want to look back on. I'm not only your photographer, I'm also your dress fluffer, make-up checker, boutonnière pinning, party gathering, girl! I want your day to go as smooth as possible and we do so much planning together beforehand to make sure I know what your expectations are.

Lifestyle wedding photography absolutely still includes traditional family and couples poses (because if you're having everyone dress up and look fabulous, you want to remember all that hard work!), but I do a lot of untraditional portraits, as well. This means stealing you off to run down the beach together, veil flying behind you and laughing as you avoid soaking your dress. Having you tenderly take a moment together in a hallway, away from the party and rambunctious guests, just to let your love sink in. I capture the little squeeze of your dad's hand before you take those first steps down the aisle, the way Aunt Marg gives your partner the thumbs up before your big kiss, your baby running towards you as you start your first dance. Because those are the important moments. Those are the moments that tell your wedding story.

Bride hugging her father after the ceremony at Southside Park in Woodstock, Ontario
Close up of bride and groom's rings sitting on a beautiful pastel bouquet.
Mother-of-the-bride giving a toast while getting ready inside the cabin at Creekside Wedding Venue in Embro, Ontario.
Lifestyle wedding photographer in Southern Ontario