Family Photoshoots

I love telling a family's story! Seeing the way a dad gently ruffles his child's hair, the sweet kisses young children give their parents, the giggles as they run through their childhood home. All these little things tell so much about you, your family and your connection. And sure, there might be a little chaos, but that's all part of who you are at this stage and I promise, you'll laugh later. Whether your family has 4 small humans or 1 furry one, I want to capture it all! Don't be afraid to show me your favourite place to watch the sunset together or ask me to come with you while you cut down your Christmas tree! Those moments and traditions are what makes your family so unique and builds your bond together - of course you should have pictures to remember!

I love being invited into your home and being able to see the things that hold importance - how a child's room is decorated, the cozy living room that you share. Or visiting a new spot where you spend your summers skipping rocks, drawing in the sand and cuddling together to watch the sun set. Each family I've met hold such a unique story and I can't wait to help tell yours!

Family photographer in Woodstock, Ontario