Pregnancy memories

Maternity photography celebrates the amazing journey you're on with your partner as you eagerly await your little bundle of joy! Let's dive into why it’s so important to have a strong relationship with your partner during pregnancy and how maternity photography can capture all those warm and fuzzy feelings.

A couple walks hand in hand away from the camera, holding a pair of baby shoes between them, during a maternity session.
Couple kissing while each keeping one hand touching a bassinet during an in-home maternity session in Ingersoll.

In this as a team!

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but having a partner by your side makes all the difference! During a maternity session, your bond with your significant other shines through in every frame. Here's why capturing some images with your partner is so special:

1. Your emotional connection: Maternity photos aren't just about posing; they're about capturing those heartfelt moments between you and your partner as you prepare to welcome your little one. It's like capturing love in its purest form! Maternity photoshoots provide an intimate setting to express your love, anticipation, and excitement - together.

2. Sharing memories: These maternity photos are a beautiful reminder of your journey together through pregnancy as a couple. Your partner has been there through those rough mornings in the beginning, the sleepless nights, the cravings, and emotions. Having these memories to look back on together will remind you how strong your love is and what you've conquered together. From silly giggles to tender embraces, these photos capture the essence of your relationship and the celebration of becoming parents.

3. Involvement and support: Your partner isn't just there to look good — they're there to hold your hand (literally and figuratively)! Their support and love during your maternity session can make your experience even more special, reinforcing your bond as you embark on this journey together.

Man kissing his wife's cheek as he stands behind and supports her during a fall maternity photoshoot at Pittock.

Let's make your pregnancy photoshoot extra magical!

Worried about how to get the best photos together during your maternity session? If you're hoping for natural, lifestyle memories of your pregnancy, I've got you covered! These tips will help you be yourselves, so you can enjoy your time with your maternity photographer and be filled with happiness when you look back on your images.

  1. Embrace intimate moments! I know it can feel so awkward sometimes to be yourself during a photoshoot, especially when everyone is focused on you! I’m here to support you by directing you on where to stand, adjusting things here and there, and give you prompts to help you embrace those sweet, intimate moments with your partner. Hold hands while you walk, steal a kiss, or gaze lovingly into each other's eyes while you think about how much your relationship has evolved. These candid shots capture the real you!
  2. Don't be afraid to include your passions. Want to add a personal touch to your photos? Let's incorporate your favorite hobbies or special places that hold meaning for you as a couple. Bring a picture, an outfit, or a prop - it's all about telling your unique story! Huge baseball family? Why not do a close up of an ultrasound photo leaning on a ball? If you and your partner love to paint, bring along some supplies and have an amazing time decorating your baby bump together. Including props and creating memories together is an amazing way to fuel your passion and love for each other,
  3. Capture your affection. Show off your love your way! Whether your partner gently massages the small of your back while you walk, showers you in butterfly kisses, or makes you laugh with silly faces; those heartwarming moments will make you smile every time you look back at these photos. Parenthood often changes the dynamics of your relationship, but having these memories of your feelings for each other now will remind you how important you are to each other.
  4. Don't forget portraits of your partner! While mom-to-be will always be the star of a maternity session (it's hard to ignore that glow!), it’s important that your partner gets their time in the spotlight, too! I love taking time to capture those adorable interactions between your other half and little baby bump; the genuine smiles and bond they’re forming is so amazing to see! It also gives your partner a chance to slow down and have their own memories to share with your child later on. I'll often ask your significant other to close their eyes and get eye level (whether kneeling, sitting, or laying on mom's lap) with your bump and imagine your little one is right in front of them. Having your partner talk to your baby, snuggle, and have a hand or head touching your belly to really connect is such an intimate time for them that I never rush.

Your pregnancy journey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m here to help you capture every precious moment! Maternity photography isn't just about taking pictures; it's about celebrating your love, your partnership, and the exciting adventure ahead. So, let's make some magic together—your little one will thank you for it someday!

Dad-to-be on one knee kissing baby bump during winter maternity photoshoot, Woodstock
Couple laughing as they walk through the snow at Pittock South Shore Trail, Woodstock.
Couple smiling as they exchange butterfly kisses during a maternity photoshoot at Pittock Trail, Woodstock